What does an Interior Designer do?

Often times people are not quite sure what I do as an Interior Designer.  Well, let's just say...It's not just throw pillows and wallpaper!  There are many different services that I offer and we can come up with the best solution to meet your design needs.  Below are a few different design scenarios that might help you decide if I could be a good fit for you!


HELP...I just want to love my house!

This is a common scenario when I am working with clients.  If you are frustrated with how your home lives, looks and feels...all you need is a restyle!  These are my favorite projects!  I love the challenge and I want you to feel good in your home! Many clients need help with all the extra details and special touches.  Some homes are in need of wall art and decorative accessories.  Some homes are just so neutral and bland, that they need a little life brought into them.  Interior decorating is all about layering different design elements through decor and accessories that bring in comfort and a sense of style.  If you are bored with your current interior or just need a fresh change, this is the answer for you!   Schedule your home styling today!


To build or to remodel...that is the question!

Large projects, such as building a new home or even an extensive remodel, can be quite overwhelming.  This is the perfect time to meet with an interior designer.  You want to be sure that you are capturing all the important details that are needed to create a home that you can enjoy living in.  Let me help you select finishes and fixtures that suite your personal style, compliment your home and budget.  I am able to draft up floor plans and create a space plan, so that you know exactly how all the pieces are going to fit!  I truly believe that a space plan is what's needed to select the perfect floor plan for a new home or a new room.  The size and scale of the space, along with how each area is used to function comfortably for you or your family, is what's important and most likely the driving force for the entire reason you are building or remodeling in the first place.  Be sure to know that all of your furnishings and decor that you are adding to the space are going to work for you!   Getting insight from an interior designer is pretty key for tackling such a large undertaking.  Oh, and a little side note...lighting...be sure your reflected ceiling plan is what you want.  Is your light fixture centered over your table or in the space?  Too many homes have this problem!  Another great reason to speak to an interior designer before starting your project!


I need my house SOLD!

Through the years I have staged many homes and work with many different Realtors.  My goal to help you sell your home is to create an experience.  I want every potential buyer that walks through your home to feel welcomed and excited to make your home theirs.  In using my home staging services you will receive detailed coaching, quick on-site room changes and an amazing before and after!  A few common comments from clients after using my staging services: "I wish I had met you before we decided to move", "Now, maybe we don't need to move", "I never knew my house could look this good", or "Can you help us at our new house?"  (YES...I can help you and would love to!)  A home that shows well on the real estate market is the home that highlights the strongest elements of the house and the home that provides the most comfortable first impression.  Please see below for some amazing transformations.  These are before & afters for a home staging that I was excited to be a part of.  What a difference a few extra details make!